Stay at home to do your grocery shopping!

At Good Earth Garden Center we all enjoy the bounty that a vegetable and herb garden can offer. With the growing cost of fresh produce who can afford to shop at a natural grocery store to get their organic produce? The benefits of home grown vegetables and herbs go past just helping you to eat better and know where your food is coming from, it helps you to get outside and enjoy our beautiful Colorado sunshine!

We pride ourselves on a large selection of naturally grown vegetables and herbs. At the peak of vegetable gardening season we stock over 200 varieties of Colorado grown vegetables and herbs, some even deer resistant ones.
All of our edibles are fed on a regular basis with an organic blend of liquid fertilizers.

Don’t think you have space for a new vegetable bed but already have existing gardens?

Don’t be afraid to add your vegetables and herbs right in with your perennials and annuals. Lettuce makes a colorful and functional border and an obelisk of peas or beans can add a wonderful three dimensional aspect to your garden. For those who primarily grow edibles, flowers help bring in pollinators and beneficial insects.

Never had an edible garden?

Stop by and let us help you choose the vegetables and herbs that best fit your lifestyle. Our knowledgeable staff love to help people find the joys of growing their own fresh produce!

After all, what’s fresher then your own backyard?