Organic Garlic 2016


Purple Stripe & Marbled P. Stripe

Chesnok Red – Excellent baking garlic. Sweet, full of flavor. Beautiful purple color. Stores until mid-winter. Approx. 11 cloves

Metechi – Hot flavor with nice aftertaste. Does well in colder climates. Adaptable and stores until spring. Approx 6 cloves

Purple Glazer – Easy to peel with large purple heads. Best used in fresh pesto. Very short storage. Sweetens with baking Approx. 9-10 cloves

Russian Red – Hot enough to raise the brow. Extremely popular and “good table” garlic. Paradox of complexity and simplicity. Approx. 6-8 cloves


Bavarian – Rich, smoky flavor that’s strong not hot. Excellent Roasted. Reliable in high elevations. approx. 6-8 cloves

German Red – Full bodied, strong and spicy. Widely popular, reliable and easy to peel. The garlic that set the standard. Approx. 8-10 cloves

Spanish Roja – Restaurant favorite! Due to ease of peel and great flavor. Good for high elevations. Approx. 11 cloves


Music – Hot when raw, sweet when baked. One of the hardiest, disease resistant varieties. Adaptable in most climates. Approx. 6 cloves

Softneck Varieties


California Early – With a mild flavor, excellent storage qualities this work-horse is dependable. Great fresh and is often braided. approx 10-16 cloves

Chet’s Italian – Sumptuous, strong flavor that is good for pesto, fresh and raw. Easy to grow & braids well. Long Storage. Approx. 10-12 cloves

Inchelium –Mild at harvest but stronger with storage. Large 3″ heads with a spicy flavor is a great all-purpose choice. Approx. 10 cloves

Pueblo Early – Medium flavor with large heads. Great all-purpose variety that is versatile in any garden Approx. 12-15 cloves

Susanville – Improved variety that is a great roaster and can be used for pickling. stores well and is an excellent choice to braid. Approx. 8-10 cloves


Silverwhite – Large bulb variety that is productive in all climates. Mild flavor grows pungent with storage. Approx. 12-15 cloves



How to Grow Garlic & Variety Info.