Are your plants looking sad? powdery mildew?
aphids? black spots?

We have solutions for you!
We carry many varieties of organic and non-organic remedies to treat fungi, diseases, and pest control on trees, shrubs, flowers, lawns, and houseplants.

Not sure what might be wrong?
Bring in a sample and we can ID it for you to make sure we’re treating the right thing.

Deer are lovely, but they can be such a nuisance!
There are several deer repellents, some of which are organic. Most of them are liquids, but feathermeal is also in stock.
They are easily sprayed on or around plants and planter boarders.
They are even safe on edibles!

Remember when organic weed control meant pulling by hand?
We have organic herbicides!
Safe in vegetable gardens and around children and pets!

A little fertilizer can go a long way!
There are several natural and organic fertilizers.
Granular fertilizers have a slow release of nutrients which only need to be applied every 4 to 6 weeks.
Liquid fertilizers are instantly available and can be applied lightly with every watering or only every week or two.
We’ll help to make it easy for you!

Ever try to plant in sand or clay?
We have amendments to help any type of soil!
There are several mixes of organic compost, top soil, peat, and potting mix available that we can recommend for your soil.

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Work smarter, not harder!

There is no joy in gardening with cheap, inadequate tools. Good tools can be your best gardening friends, allowing you to work in your garden longer and more effectively, without wear and tear on your hands, wrists, and elbows.

With proper care, good tools can last many years. No need for yearly replacements of broken trowels or weak pruners when you’ve spent your money wisely on a better grade of tool. You will always be ready to garden at a moments notice.

Know a gardener who has not reaped the benefits of well-selected tools? Our favorite hand tool, the hori-hori or Japanese weeding knife has many devotees. Good gloves are always appreciated. Sharp, ergonomically correct pruners will make fast work of your shrub and rose pruning chores. Grab your Japanese hand saw for larger jobs. A colorful tub trug to keep your tools together can double as a compost bucket or bring vegetables and cut flowers to the house. Uncertain about which tool to get? We have gift certificates in any denomination, so they may choose their own.
Have you upgraded your tools lately? Well then, what are you waiting for?