Easily create a finished look to any garden space!

Pottey can be an accessory or a feature in your yard or garden. There are many types of glazes to show off every color. Colors may change depending on lighting. Full sun creates vibrancy, enriching true colors or highlighting tints and subtle tones. Shade provides shadows, making colors harmonious to the landscape.

Bear in mind your elements of color, including house and trim color, outdoor furniture, or possibly your dominant flower color. Your pottery can be a focal point bringing the colors forward, or adding a visual path of depth.

Shapes and sizes here at Good Earth Garden Center are as unique as you are and gives personality to your yard. You can choose traditional, contemporary, or modern shapes in all sizes. Choosing the right pots will enrich and complement your landscape, allowing your eye to carry through. One striking pot can be as pleasing as groups of 3 or 5.

As always, please pick up our Winter Pottery Care sheet to maintain the beauty and luster of your pottery.
Pottery reflects a little piece of your personality and helps to make your yard your own!

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