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Taking Care of Your Lawn

How to make the neighbors jealous of your beautiful grass!


Watering Grass


  • Grass needs approximately 1 1/2″ of water weekly year round. During hot summer months it most likely will require more water depending on things like temperature and sun exposure.
  • Watering should be done as early in the morning as possible to allow the grass to use it through the day, avoid nigh time watering to prevent mold and other issues.
  • Water 2-3 times a week deeply instead of short spurts every day. Don’t water so much that it’s running out of your lawn down the street.
  • Check sprinklers regularly to make sure they are hitting all areas of the lawn.

Fertilizing Grass


  • Grass should be fertilized no less than twice a year, but for best results 4 times a year is ideal.
  • When do I fertilize?
    • If fertilizing only twice a year the important times are the first and last fertilizing. 1st to promote new growth and last to help it survive the winter.
      • Fertilize between Easter and Memorial day during the spring, and then again around Halloween (most important).
    • For BEST results fertilize 4 times a year to promote early growth, continues rooting and growth helping to reduce water needs and to ensure little to no winter die-back.
      1. Easter – Memorial day just depending on the weather, Breaking dormancy.
      2. 4th of July, promoting new growth!
      3. Labor Day, continuing to promote growth and food.
      4. Halloween, Winter fertilizing to supply food through cold months(Most Important).
  • Grass fertilizing can also be supplemented with products like Soil-Activator which through humates help provide food for beneficial micro organism, helping to increase the grasses natural ability to use and create nutrients.

Few Extra Grass Tips


  • Always make sure to sharpen your lawnmower blade no less than once a year for safety and quality have it professionally done. Tony’s Saw Shop Charges about $8.50 a blade, well worth it!
    • Dull blades are often the reason for the tips of grass to start browning because the mower is actually tearing the grass and not cutting it.
  • Not all grasses do well in the shade or other areas so know what kind of grass you have for the right area, blends are best for our climate.

Dogs and Grass


  • Dogs specifically female dogs cause yellow spots to form in areas where they pee, which will eventually kill that are. Solutions?
    • If you have a dog apply Horticultural Limestone to your lawn especially in their favorite spots, this helps to balance the PH and prevent those spots from forming.
    • If you are near them when they go hose or pore extra water directly on that spot if they have a favorite spot apply a little extra water there regularly to help run it off, be careful not to over do it.
  • Organic/mineral based fertilizers without weed killer like Pro-Rich Turf Food is completely safe to use around your pets.
  • Use a well blended turf grass kind of mix that can withstand high traffic.

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