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Garlic the Fall Frontier


A Brief History of Garlic

Garlic has been a part of human history for over 7,000 years believed to originate in central Asia, and being widely used as many as 5,000 years ago, most highly known for it’s use in the Mediterranean. Soldiers, sailors and Gladiators would eat garlic to give them strength before battle. Along with a diet of bread beer Ancient Egyptians used garlic in both culinary and medicinal ways. Although still more commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine other parts in Europe like England started growing and using garlic more frequently in the 1500’s. Garlic has even been used as recently as World War I and II as an antiseptic, garlic was used to help treat and prevent infections like gangrene (due to the lack of antibiotics). Supplies of penicillin were so scarce English and Russians used crush garlic as a topical treatment on wounds to prevent infections, which led to its nickname “Russian Penicillin.”


Fall 2016 Garlic


Hardneck Varieties

Purple Stripe & Marbled P. Stripe

Chesnok Red – Excellent baking garlic. Sweet, full of flavor. Beautiful purple color. Stores until mid-winter. Approx. 11 cloves

Metechi – Hot flavor with nice aftertaste. Does well in colder climates. Adaptable and stores until spring. Approx 6 cloves

Purple Glazer – Easy to peel with large purple heads. Best used in fresh pesto. Very short storage. Sweetens with baking Approx. 9-10 cloves

Russian Red – Hot enough to raise the brow. Extremely popular and “good table” garlic. Paradox of complexity and simplicity. Approx. 6-8 cloves


Bavarian – Rich, smoky flavor that’s strong not hot. Excellent Roasted. Reliable in high elevations. approx. 6-8 cloves

German Red – Full bodied, strong and spicy. Widely popular, reliable and easy to peel. The garlic that set the standard. Approx. 8-10 cloves

Spanish Roja – Restaurant favorite! Due to ease of peel and great flavor. Good for high elevations. Approx. 11 cloves


Music – Hot when raw, sweet when baked. One of the hardiest, disease resistant varieties. Adaptable in most climates. Approx. 6 cloves

Softneck Varieties



California Early – With a mild flavor, excellent storage qualities this work-horse is dependable. Great fresh and is often braided. approx 10-16 cloves

Chet’s Italian – Sumptuous, strong flavor that is good for pesto, fresh and raw. Easy to grow & braids well. Long Storage. Approx. 10-12 cloves

Inchelium –Mild at harvest but stronger with storage. Large 3″ heads with a spicy flavor is a great all-purpose choice. Approx. 10 cloves

Pueblo Early – Medium flavor with large heads. Great all-purpose variety that is versatile in any garden Approx. 12-15 cloves

Susanville – Improved variety that is a great roaster and can be used for pickling. stores well and is an excellent choice to braid. Approx. 8-10 cloves


Silverwhite – Large bulb variety that is productive in all climates. Mild flavor grows pungent with storage. Approx. 12-15 cloves

 Garlic varieties info and facts


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